Request: Architectural Change

Section 4. Approval of Plans.

No construction, reconstruction, remodeling, alteration or addition to any structure, building, fence, wall, driveway or improvement of any nature which is visible from the outside of the structure, shall be constructed without obtaining the prior written approval of the Board of Directors of the King’s Grant Homeowners’ Association or its Architectural Review Committee, as to location, plans and specifications. As a prerequisite to consideration for approval and prior to beginning the contemplated work, two complete sets of building plans and specifications must be submitted. The Board of Directors or its Architectural Review Committee shall be the sole arbiter of such plans and may withhold approval for any reason, including purely aesthetic considerations. Upon giving authority, construction shall be started and prosecuted to completion promptly and in strict conformity with such plans. The approving authority shall be entitled to stop any construction in violation of these restrictions or not complying with the approved plans and specifications. Approvals must be in writing with the signatures of two persons on the Architectural Review Committee.  Members are encouraged to keep their properties in good repair. Repair/replacement with same appearance material does not require Architectural Review Committee approval.

Section 20. Green Areas. (c) Debris. There will no depositing of refuse, Christmas trees, building materials, cut wood, etc. No personal property or vehicles are to be left in the green area.

Supplemental documentation (plans, photos, etc.) can be attached to this form.
Supplemental documents can be found: ARC Supplemental Documents Link