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A mile or 2 up the Ashley River... Old Fort Dorchester State Park

A mile or 2 down the Ashley River... Middleton Place

Just a few miles down the Ashley River... Magnolia Plantation

Just a few miles down the Ashley River... Drayton Hall

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 Save The Light Inc. (Morris Island Lighthouse)


Sunrise, sunset & tide predictions from USC - use site to search Greggs Landing, Mateeba Gardens, Ashley River, South Carolina tide data) 

Or click here for local tide schedule Ashley River/Dorchester County (river access nearest to King's Grant)

Abate & Insulate, LLC. - Lead, Asbestos, Mold Remediation and Mechanical Insulation

Swallowtail Architects - Design Planning Management Commercial Residential

TaxPros, LLC - Tax and Accounting Services

Saulisbury Business Machines - Copiers Fax Duplicators Printers

Ye Olde Music Shop - The Best Music Instruments Store In The State

Allegra Marketing - Printing, Copying, Graphic Design

Lumber Jill's Axe Throwing Lounge

Caring.com - Senior Care Services of SC - A leading senior care resource for family caregivers seeking information and support as they care for aging parents, spouses and other loved ones.
Assisted Living Resources