Voting Instructions

Board members are elected by the HOA members to serve a two-year term.  Half of the Board positions will be vacated this year (the other half +1, the following year).  In order to continue to manage our HOA, we need candidates to run and to be elected to the Board.

Being a Board member is a volunteer position, but there is a lot of work and responsibility involved.  
  1. The Board must adhere to the HOA Bylaws when conducting meetings and business, therefore Board members should familiarize themselves with the Bylaws.
  2. It is the Board's duty to ensure that all members understand and heed the Restrictions, so Board members should become familiar with the Restrictions.
  3. The Board has developed Ethics and Communication Policies to help our volunteers listen and communicate as a Board representative when interacting with HOA members.
If you would like to contribute to the community by serving on the KG HOA Board of Directors, please consider filling out a Bio application and submitting it to [email protected].  Elections will be held on November 12th.

Candidate bios will be posted here as they are received. 

Candidate Bio 2019 Blank