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Instantly mail real letters for an affordable price, without ever touching supplies or postage. Whether you're sending one letter, or one thousand letters, just upload a PDF file and we'll handle the rest!

This service is only available for US addresses, but we plan to release international support in the future.

Pricing per letter

Item Price
Base price Covers postage/supplies/handling $1.10
Pages $0.15 per page
Print in color $0.25 extra per page
Please note: There's a $1.50 minimum total price, to cover credit card fees.

All prices are in USD
Formatting notes...
  • Make sure all pages are 8.5" x 11"
  • The letter can't contain more than 12 pages
  • Pages will be printed double sided
  • You must leave the top third of the first page blank (for addresses)

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