Admin Control Panel
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+ New   ~ Improved   – Fixed

+ An entirely rebuilt infrastructure designed for unmatched reliability and performance
+ Members within an account now have separate logins
+ Partial-members can now be added to the website (members without email addresses)
+ Ability to assign privileges to specific members within an account
+ Ability to assign specific members within an account to groups
+ Ability to use specific members within an account for restrictions
+ Ability to remove and replace custom domains (within the first week of creating the domain)
+ Ability to change your website address from the domains section
+ Ability to restore (most) deleted email accounts
+ Ability to create custom account types
+ Account types can each have their own set of registration requirements
~ Overhauled member section with people/account views, more accurate searching, and better printing/exporting
~ Overhauled import tool able to handle larger imports
~ Reorganized settings section
~ The "gender" field is now optional, but can also be hidden entirely
~ Renamed "residents" to "members" to better handle non-resident members
~ More reliable address verification and standardization
~ Accounts can have unlimited addresses
~ Members can add as many social URLs as desired
~ Ability to designate addresses as inside the community or not
~ Ability to designate preferred mailing address
~ Renamed "file page" to "document page"
~ Renamed "external link page" to "link page"
~ Clearer billing descriptions and messages
~ Renamed "billing contact" to "invoice recipient" to better match that person's role
~ Ability to choose country for online payments
~ Increased how fast online payments funds are paid out
~ Current online payments bank account is now shown when updating it
~ Communication sending logs are now stored permanently
~ Sending a blast email has been organized into steps
~ Email communications can now be scheduled up to 30 days in advance (previously 10)
~ Dramatically faster text message sending velocity
~ Improved reliability and processing speed when mailing letters
~ Separated account settings into "account settings" and "member settings"
~ Profile photos can now be cropped before uploading, which prevents distortion
~ Simplified and clarified privacy preferences
~ Payment receipts for members now indicate any passed-on fees
~ Doubled activity log storage from 60 days to 120 days
– Squashed a number of small bugs