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King's Grant on the Ashley, est. 1970 – September 2005



7:00 P.M.







You asked for it – you got it.  Many of you have shown a great amount of concern since the annexation of the golf course property into North Charleston.  Great concern has been continuously expressed to the Board.  In turn, John Atkinson was asked to contact the Town of Summerville concerning the possibility of annexation into the town.  The process requires us to have 75% of the homeowners sign a petition for annexation.  Further, this process would involve the town homes as they are needed to make us contiguous with the course side of King’s Grant since the annexation of the course. 


With this meeting set, North Charleston will be alert to our activities therefore there may be an additional push from North Charleston to entice you into joining their city.  We have already been contacted by one resident who has stated in “fairness” to the City of North Charleston we should allow them to speak also.  If there is one of you who wish to lead an effort for North Charleston annexation – you have the right to do so.


The Board is not saying annex.  That is your decision as individual homeowners.  The Board is suggesting strongly however that you attend this meeting in order to make an educated decision.


Lynn V. Whitner – President - KGHOA




Despite what the Summerville Journal Scene published on Friday, August 19th – there is/was no meeting on August 26th.  That deadline was for our attorneys to provide the judge with a timeline for the discovery process.  Further, September 14th will not be an “Adversary Proceeding” hearing.  The week of August 22nd, the club ceased operations.  They have asked to be allowed to borrow additional money in order to maintain the insurance on the property.  Discovery will take place on or about December 1st.  After the discovery period, the judge will set a date for the hearing, which is expected to be the first of next year.  The Board will continue to strive to keep you accurately informed when the time comes.

Lynn V. Whitner – President - KGHOA






We have set an overall $50,000 goal for our legal fund.  As of August 22, 2005 we have received donations totaling $33,967.45.  Our expenditures to date total $ 23,689.21.


We have a goal of 300 homeowners contributing to the legal fund.  At this time a contribution has been received from 202 homeowners.


We have set a goal of 50 homeowners joining the $500 club.   At this time we have had 25 homeowners contribute $500.


We will need everyone help to reach our $50,000 goal.  For those who have contributed, your contribution and support is appreciated.  A special thanks to those who have joined the $500 Club.


Our sincerest gratitude to the following members of our neighborhood who have contributed to the King’s Grant Homeowners’ Legal Fund: 


The $500 Club:

Robert and Elisabeth Beebe, Lenoir Rentals, Daniel Gaudreault & Patricia Tremblay, Paul and Patricia Brown Jr., James & Joann McCoy, William & Sandra Crook, John & Virginia Graham, Ronald & Shannon Cooper, Ryan Long Properties Inc., R.C. & N. G. Hawkins, Donald & Sandrea Ruff, Walter and Cele Infinger, Kendra L Marshburn, Stanley & Lynn Woerth, Emile Boris, Michael and Debra Thomas, David & Alice Stamps, Kenneth & Sarah Parks, Dr. Richard & Nancy Stice, Myron Johnson, Wayne & Heather Chancy, Steve & Elaine Steven, Col (Ret) Robert Johnston Jr., Steve and Elaine Myslik, Larry and Linda Hargett, Robert and Emma Choate, Robert Beebe, Jr..


Additional contributors include:  Albert and Barbara Pasquino, Clarice and William Blume, H. F. and L. J. Dunn, R. N. and Anita J Johnson, M. B. and Delana Tillotson, Warren and Jewell Knudsen, Larry and Wanda Picard Sr., David and Diane Thompson, Lyle and Lynn Whitner, Shirley Weickhardt, John and Patricia Britanak, W. J. and Francine Zeski, Ercie and Dorrine Leach, Golf Court, Donald and Barbara Butch, Kevin and Bonnie  Foulois, John Atkinson, Walter and Betty Lesiak, Michael and Mary Anne Cramer, Col.  and Mrs. Roy Ragsdale (RET), Edward and Susan Hille, and Margaret J. Barry.  Also, Tammy and Ronald McGuire, Donna and William Jacobsen, Wallace Ackerman,  Merle Handelsman, James and Roseanna Dickens, Marsha and Kenneth Korpanty, Nancy Howie, Donald and Elizabeth Clerico, Thomas Martin, Jr. and Thomas Martin, III, William and Sandra McQuaid, Anthony and Lynne Hardwick, Elizabeth Orser, Pamela Brooks, Twelver and Janice Orvig, Lloyd and Lois Jones, Eric and Myrna Williams, Donald and Patricia Brazelton, Michael and Georgiann Sujka, Harold and Patricia Ledbetter, R. W. and S. M. Salmon, Larry Q Stone,Kendall G. Brown, Vernon Williams, Mary Ann & Howard Bridgman, King's Grant Garden Club, Murray & Donna Tanner, Stephen & Robin Larocque, Jack & Otelia McGinnis, Sarah S. Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mackie, Tammie C McGuire, Stanley & Joan Hower, Michelle Gragg, Morris and Jane Rogers, Mrs. W. N. Cooper Jr., Airwil & Dorothy Westley, William & Elizabeth Goree, John & Emma Hanlin, William & Marie Mack, Shannon & Barry Glass, Carl & Nancy  Glenn, Tedd & Phyllis Griffith, John & Dawn Fleming, Ila M. Caldwell, Joan L Levesque, Richelieu & Alice Johnson, Louise Teems, Ted & Elaine Otey, Barbara J Fulford, Joe & Betty Sanders, Donna Underwood & William Jacobsen, Richard & Shirin Kopfmueller, Virginia H Linton, Nelle M. Ashby, William & Nelle Ashby, Anthony & Paula Hanson, Ronnie & Charlotte Ennis, Robert & Deborah Wells, John & Barbara Behrens, Helen & John Jeffries, Darleen & Danny Faulk, Herbert & Betty Shine, Charles F Rada, Raul & Sue Santa Ana, Donald & Margaret Combee, Christine Jurand, John & Virginia Gruber, Paul & Marie Kushubar, Mae M. Vorlick, Karen Taylor, Edward Imko, Duane & Janet Lee, Rachel Beverley-Burton & Carl Austrom, Thomas & Ann Marie Egal, Jimmy & Bonnie Cade, Barbara Grady      , Anthony & Olga Pieretti, John & Judith Riley, Jeffrey & Judy Butler, Ray & Dean Griffin, Frank & Olga Wall, Rusty Clark,     Kevin Fordham, , J.L. & Thaylia Abercrombie, Billy & Brenda Broderick, Nora Olynick, Frank & Beverly DeGeorge, Miley Creel, Dawn or Stuart Glasgow, Herbert & Cecile Gehlken, Sandra & Dale Mishoe, Marion & Dianne Kenney, James & Angeles McGrady, Bobby Strickland, J.R. & Donna Judd, Thomas & Star Israel, Raymond & Joan Reeves, Rick Dandridge, Letty & Bill Parrish, Sandy & Mark Fiedler, Glenda & Roger Jennings, Mary Jo Padgett, Glenn & Sandra Rabon, Erik Wikoren, Simon & Vee Slade, Kim & Bill Eads, Vijay & Shaila Shroff, Charleston Door Company, Kevin & Patricia Poland, Jean and Bill Bullock, Sally Ann & Francis Bartlett, "Hawkins Tax & Business, LLC", Baccie Harley, Patricia Payne-Moore & Glynn Moore, Patricia & Pamela Dillon, Francis Harness & Martha E-Lenoir, Leslie & Elizabeth Cotner, Cdr Timothy & Jean Huber, William and Sharon Haselden, Wallace Ackerman and Charleen Hammond, Marshall P. Hogon, C. Keith Vanderveden, Dan and Mary Ann Heagerty, Ron Nolte, Clarence and Judith Bright, Wade and Mary Yates, Johnnie and Thomas Timothy, Robert and Jane Habenicht.



It’s not too late to contribute.  All donations, regardless of amount, will be graciously accepted.  Please contact either Lynn Whitner or Larry Picard if you’d like to provide a donation. 





If anyone needs a boat ramp key, please call me and I will give one to you for just $5.00.  Also, please make sure the boat ramp gate is locked behind you after using it. 


Christine Greenleaf




King's Grant Golf Tournament


We are in the early stages of planning a golf tournament this fall to raise money for the legal fund.


Can you join our committee to help plan the tournament?

Do you work somewhere or own your own company that would be willing to sponsor a hole or donate a gift worth $100+ to the silent auction?

Do you have friends or family that work for a company that would be willing to sponsor a hole or donate a gift to the silent auction?

Would you like to sign up as a player or put together a foursome to play in the tournament?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you could really play a part in making this tournament a success!

We will have a date set in the next week for an afternoon tournament with a silent auction and cookout/bbq to follow.

The majority of this neighborhood is opposed to any development of our golf course, so I know we should be willing to come together to plan this tournament, and have a little fun in the meantime while raising money to save our course!  


A flier will be sent out once our date is set to encourage everyone to take part.  Please call me if you can help on the committee or have sponsorship or gift ideas!


Christine Greenleaf




* * * * * * * * * *


On July 27th, thirty-two ladies met together at Belle’s House of Pizza Greek and Italian Restaurant in the Galleria Shopping Center in Summerville.  The food was good and the company, including six friends from Coosaw Creek, was fun as we ate from the menu and chatted away for a while.  Thanks to Nelle Ashby, a new consultant with Lillian Vernon’s Celebrations division, for presenting an opportunity to do some shopping after lunch.  The Celebrations division carries the personalized items that are so popular, with items from soccer bags to lap throws to ice bins and holiday decorating items. (They also carry a little girl’s “dress-up” trunk just full of items perfect for a rainy afternoon’s play day indoors.)  In addition, Nelle has pledged all of her profits from now until the end of 2005 to the King’s Grant legal fund.  Nelle presented a check for $80.00 from the gathering to President Lynn Whitner during the August community meeting.  Also, Nelle’s bonus items – children’s backpacks – were donated to go along with the school supplies collected at the lunch meeting.  If you would like to see a catalog or book a party, please give Nelle a buzz at 871-5130.  It’s 100 degrees in the shade now, but Christmas will be here before we know it!!  Have fun shopping and help the legal fund at the same time.

            Thanks to all the ladies for the donation of basic school supplies that have been donated to teachers in King’s Grant and to the Children in Crisis organization.

            On August 24th, we will try out another new restaurant, Wing Time, in the Festival Centre at the corner of Dorchester and Ashley Phosphate. 

            Lunch Bunch meets the 4th Wednesday of each month January through October.  If you ever get the urge to join us and are not on the call list, please contact Toni Weaver at 871-4227.  We’d love to have you join us!!  There is no “membership” to join and lunch is Dutch treat.  It’s just an opportunity to get together with neighbors, eat and gab.  If you’re new in the neighborhood, it is a perfect opportunity to meet ladies from all over the subdivision and if you’re an “old-timer”, it is just the place to catch up with goings-on in the neighborhood.


Sandra Salmon, 875-2632, salmonrw@aol.com





07/22/05 – Seven Oaks Ln. – Drag Racing

07/22/05 – Fairington Dr. – Vandalism

07/23/05 – Fairington Dr. – Civil Disturbance

07/24/05 – Foxcroft Ln. – Traffic Stop

07/25/05Stratford Dr. – Alarm

07/25/05 – Shaftesbury Ln. – Civil Disturbance

07/28/05 – Edenbridge Ln. – Traffic Stop

07/28/05 – Fairington Dr. – Alarm

07/29/05 – Old Tavern Ln. – Serving Civil Papers

08/02/05Beacon Hill Ln. – Serving Civil Papers

08/09/05 – Shaftesbury Ln. – Alarm

08/10/05 – Seven Oaks Ln. – Alarm

08/10/05 – Shaftesbury Ln. – Alarm

08/13 05 – Stratford Dr. – Suspicious Vehicle

08/13/05 – Seven Oaks Ln. – Civil Disturbance

08/15/05 – Shaftesbury Ln. – Break-In

08/19/05 – Seven Oaks Ln. – Alarm

08/19/05 – Dunbury Dr. – 911 Hang-Up

08/21/05 – Foxcroft Ln. – Alarm


Please watch out for your neighbor. If you see suspicious activity, report it to the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Department. Non Emergency- 832-0300, Emergency – 911.


Thanks for being Good Neighbors.


John Atkinson, King’s Grant Crime Watch Chairman




Summary of approvals by Aug 9,2005:

Fences----- 4

Sheds & Outbuildings-----3

Additions (decks, ramps, railings)-----5

Driveways & Walks-------3

Home Exterior Changes (siding, roofs, windows, patio covers)---9

                                                                                                Murray Tanner







KGHOA WEB Site: http://www.kings-grant.org



Prize Trophies and Treasures


Sam and Susan Arnold and family reside at 107 Dunbury Drive.  Stop by and say Hello at their Oakbrook location, near Scottie's Restaurant.  They do excellent work at reasonable prices.  Submitted by satisfied customer Donna Underwood.



Lunch Bunch

4th Wed. each month


For More Information


Toni Weaver


Merle Handelsman, a KG resident and a Board member of the local
Frances R. Willis SPCA, has offered
to act as a "clearing house" for lost and found animals within the subdivision. You can call her at 873- 6299.

The Garden Club 

Pat Hollifield





Computer Work Done Right!

Greg Allen – 225-5648

Active Technologies, LLC



Check it out!

If you are new in the area
please call the KGHOA Hotline-832-4726:




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